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Welcome to Your New Pheromone Experience!
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Welcome to Liquid Pheromones

Liquid Pheromones are more than just an everyday cologne.
Liquid Pheromones are your secret sexual attraction spray in a bottle.
A pheromone is a chemical signal that naturally occurs in all animals, including humans, that changes the behavior of anyone exposed to it.
You might think of Liquid Pheromones as your secret mind-control device in a bottle. 
Some guys get lucky occasionally, while others spend thousands of dollars
to learn how to meet women.
With Liquid Pheromones attraction blends many women will approach you.
Take control of your life and don't just leave it to chance!
Pheromones are hormones that work outside the body and are triggered by many types of behavior including, attraction, respect, bonding, trust, and sexual arousal. When you use Liquid Pheromones you'll soon discover how easy it is to meet beautiful women.
Best of all, they'll want to meet and be with you too.
We've made Liquid Pheromone blends easy to use so you
can focus on what matters the most: Real world results!
At Liquid Pheromones our pheromones are designed as spray and go colognes. You spray on exactly like you do your favorite cologne and go. You will be amazed at the results when women start listening to your every word, touching you and wanting to be touched,
getting close to you and making extended eye contact. Women will want to have you around and some will even make sexual advances towards you. 
We are so sure you're going to love Your New Pheromone Experience® we guarantee it with our no questions asked return policy. 
We could give you hundreds of reasons to choose Liquid Pheromones but really the only reason you need to count on is Real Results by Real People in the real world. No gimmicks, no tricks, no nonsense. We guarantee it or send them back within 30 days and we will refund your purchase price, no questions asked.
Liquid Pheromones - Your new Pheromone Experience
Liquid Pheromones ShopLiquid Pheromones exclusive blends are perfectly balanced formulas crafted by one of the most prestigious pheromone manufacturing labs in the USA.
By using just the right amount of pheromone content per bottle we can assure you will absolutely get the most out of your pheromone experience. Our blends contain 3 to 10 times more pheromone content than most any other pheromone vendors available today. You're going to love the results you get!
Yours faithfully - Liquid Pheromones Staff

Manufactured and sold under license of Aser Gruppe International Corp. PO BOX 277 Munford, TN 38058
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